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Advocacy Leaders Network: Meet the Freshmen: Building Relationships with New Members of Congress

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Friday, February 22, 2013 8:30AM - 12:00PM


Beekeeper Group

1331 G Street NW
Washington, DC

Event Details

The first of four sessions offered as part of the Advocacy Leaders Network, a workshop series tailored to senior advocacy, government affairs, and public relations professionals. This session focuses on fostering relationships with New Members of Congress early in their tenure. This series is part of CMF’s Partnership for a More Perfect Union, which seeks to enhance communications, understanding, and the relationship between citizens and Congress.

With the chaos of Election Day over and the candidates chosen, it’s time to get to work. After all the results are in, 90 new members of Congress were elected in 2012. Fostering a relationship with these freshmen members early in their tenure is imperative for our organizations, so how can we garner their attention and convince them why our cause is important? How can we put ourselves (and our organization) on their radar?

Of course, building a relationship with a freshman representative is no simple process. They are being courted by numerous organizations all while they are still learning to navigate the pitfalls of DC politicking.  This Advocacy Leaders Network event will discuss ways to break through the clutter to:

  • demonstrate a genuine connection between your organizations and the constituents in the freshman member’s district;
  • outline your priorities in an engaging and creative way;
  • and become a resource to the Member rather than just some faceless special interest group.


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