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The Partnership for a More Perfect Union

Webinar Handout: "How to be an Effective Citizen Advocate"

Launched in 2010, CMF's Partnership for a More Perfect Union is dedicated to meaningful civic engagement between citizens and Congress. We deliver innovative and pragmatic tools to facilitate purposeful two-way communication. 

Those who join the Partnership will not only be helping to improve the relationship and communication between citizens and Members of Congress, you will also enjoy many benefits that will help improve your own communications to Capitol Hill.

Resources for Partners

  • Lobby Day Presentations. Providing Partners with valuable presentations and trainings at lobby days and fly-ins.
  • Webinars for Grassroots Supporters. Offering co-branded webinars with your organization, offering your supporters key guidance on building relationships with Congress.
  • Research Content to Repurpose. Access to raw CMF research in Excel and PowerPoint formats organizations can utilize in your own newsletters and presentations.
  • On-Demand Training Videos. Short, on-demand videos, co-branded with your organization's logo, on topics designed to educate your supporters on interacting with Capitol Hill.
  • Advance Training for Experts. Discounts to forums, such as the Advocacy Leaders Network, bringing together the best thinking from congressional offices and leading grassroots advocacy experts in half-day training sessions.
  • Surveys of Congressional Staff. Receive private briefings and webinars on research provided only to CMF Partners.

pdfClick here to download CMF's Partnership for a More Perfect Union "Grassroots Advocacy Education Catalog - 2014."(476 KB)

Topics of Presentations

  • "Screaming Monkeys, Roaring Lions: Making Noise vs. Making a Difference on Capitol Hill"
  • "How to Build an Event in the State Members of Congress Will Attend"
  • "How to Turn a 10-Minute Meeting with a Legislator into a Life-Long Relationship"
  • "10 Strategies for Using Town Hall Meetings to Advance a Legislative Agenda"
  • "How to Build Relationships with Freshmen Lawmakers"
  • "How to Use Social Media to Build Relationships with Lawmakers"

All content is based on CMF's 35-year history of working with Members of Congress and staff, utilizing extensive surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

Click here for a list of current Partnership supporters.

Please contact the Congressional Management Foundation to discuss the membership level that best suits your needs.