Building Trust & Effectiveness in Congress
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Partnership Vision and Mission


Launched in 2010, CMF's Partnership For A More Perfect Union is dedicated to enriching the relationship between citizens and Congress by comprehensively addressing the deteriorating relationship and communications challenges faced by both sides.

The goal of the Partnership is to further meaningful civic engagement through education, re-establishing trust, and providing innovative yet pragmatic tools to facilitate purposeful two-way communication.

Vision Statement

The Partnership For A More Perfect Union envisions a United States where Members of Congress and citizens have a vibrant, active, and engaged relationship characterized by mutual respect, a sense of shared purpose, and a dedication to the tenets of representative democracy.

Mission Statement

We seek to further our nation's progress toward "a more perfect union" by fostering the genuine and effective exchange of ideas between Members of Congress and citizens. The Partnership seeks to accomplish this mission by conducting research and education, promoting best practices, and creating innovative tools for everyone with a stake in our government.