Building Trust & Effectiveness in Congress
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For Hill Offices

Writing Effective Constituent Correspondence Training

Writing congressional constituent correspondence is both and art and a science. Partnership staff are experts in how to best manage the flow and quality of constituent communications within a congressional office. Training is available to both House staff and individual Senate offices. Read more

In-Office Consultations on Constituent Correspondence Management

A perfect storm of dramatically increased mail volumes, stagnant staff sizes, and an ever-growing number of citizens and grassroots organizations that want to communicate with Senators and Representatives, has created a challenging environment for congressional offices. These tailored programs are geared to help individual offices utilize the most effective practices in organizing and responding to constituent communications. Read more

Educational Programs for Grassroots Advocates

Making Your Communications Stand Out From the Crowd

CMF's Partnership For A More Perfect Union offers tailored educational programs on how to best communicate with Capitol Hill. These Communicating with Congress presentations are based on almost a decade of extensive research by CMF on communications between citizens, advocacy groups, and Congress. Read more