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113th Congress Gold Mouse Awards

In April, CMF announced the winners of the 113th Congress Gold Mouse Awards! Learn more about our process and criteria, as well as about our first-ever awards for social media.

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Communicating with Congress

The Internet forever changed how citizens and Members of Congress interact. The goal of this project is to reduce barriers, facilitate increased citizen participation in the public policy process, and promote a meaningful democratic dialogue that benefits our country.

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Work-Life in Congress

As part of the "Life in Congress" research project, CMF and the Society for Human Resource Management are presenting a series of programs focused on improving the work-life of congressional staff.

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Managing Changes in Budgets & Benefits

CMF's survey of senior congressional staff indicates that reduced office budgets and changes to staff healthcare could lead to a significant number of staff departures.

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Recent Updates

Constituent Communications

Congress Online: Assessing and Improving Capitol Hill Web Sites

The 2002 best practices report on congressional Web sites which recognizes the 2002 Mouse Award winners.

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Congress Online 2003: Turning the Corner on the Information Age

The 2003 best practices report on congressional Web sites which recognizes the 2003 Mouse Award winners.

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2006 Gold Mouse Report

A study of all congressional Web sites including the CMF Gold Mouse Award winners.

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Communicating with Congress: Recommendations for Improving the Democratic Dialogue

The culmination of 9 years of research that provides recommendations for all stakeholders and suggests improvements to the structure and processes for managing congressional communications.

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CMF works internally with House and Senate offices to foster improved management practices. From interns to Chiefs of Staff to Members themselves, CMF provides services adapted to the unique congressional environment. Read more

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CMF is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to helping Congress and its Members meet the evolving needs and expectations of an engaged and informed 21st century citizenry.

Our work focuses on improving congressional operations and enhancing citizen engagement through research, publications, training, and management services.

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