Building Trust & Effectiveness in Congress
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Congressional Operations

CMF works internally with Member offices, committees, leadership, and institutional offices in the House and Senate to foster improved management practices. From interns to Chiefs of Staff to Members themselves, CMF provides services adapted to the unique congressional environment.


Life In Congress

thumb-rotundaCMF and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) have partnered to conduct "Life in Congress," a groundbreaking research project with congressional staff and Members. The third report from this research, "Life in Congress: Job Satisfaction and Engagement of House and Senate Staff," was released in September. Read more


Managing Changes in Budgets and Benefits

thumb-working-in-congressTo help offices manage recent changes in their budgets and staff benefits, CMF conducted a survey of House and Senate Chiefs of Staff and District/State Directors. The resulting data was presented to senior managers in a one-hour webinar that discussed the findings, their implications on staff retention and the work environment, and options for managers to address and manage these changes. Read more

Management Services

CMF provides management services on a strictly confidential basis tailored to the needs of each office. Our most popular services include strategic planning, teambuilding, executive coaching, mail consultations and complete office reviews. Read more


CMF publishes a series of management guidebooks for Hill staff, including our signature publication, Setting Course. To produce these books, CMF studies the best practices of congressional offices, and applies top private-sector management ideas to Congress. Read more

Resources by Topic

From setting up your first office to closing it down and everything in-between, CMF has you covered. This section includes our most popular guidance on congressional operations, organized into four main categories: Strategy & Planning, Managing Staff, Constituent Communications, and District/State. Read more

Staff Training

CMF offers several professional development opportunities for House and Senate staff. Programs for Chiefs of Staff and Legislative Directors are held throughout the year on a range of management topics. Under contract with the House CAO, CMF also conducts courses on writing constituent mail and webinars for House district staffers. Read more




Now in its 13th edition, Setting Course is a comprehensive guide to managing a congressional office:

  • Part I is for new Members, focusing on setting up an office. 
  • Part II helps Members themselves define their role in the office and in Congress. 
  • Part III provides guidance to veteran and freshman offices on managing specific office operations.