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Management Services

CMF provides customized management services on a strictly confidential basis. Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

"Nothing says more about CMF than the real results we have witnessed in our office: better planning, higher morale, and greater productivity."    —Chief of Staff

Strategic Planning A one- or two-day program that results in a strategic plan for the office, helps keep staff focused on office goals, and improves coordination between Washington and district/state offices.

Strategic Plan Review A two-hour review to measure progress on your strategic plan and to modify goals to adapt to internal and external changes.

Constituent Service Retreats A one-day program custom-designed to address the unique dynamics of serving the electorate in a complex, high-stakes, high-transparency environment.  

Mail Assessment Identifies improvements to office constituent correspondence system that results in a two-week turnaround time for postal mail and two-day turnaround time for e-mail.

One-Day Constituent Mail Workshop Helps offices rapidly improve their constituent communications operations by speeding up turnaround times and improving the effectiveness of office policies.

Retreat to Address Internal Office Problems A one- or two-day program that identifies problems within the office that interfere with accomplishing goals and improves coordination and communication among staff.

Time and Paper Management Helps staff improve planning and work habits, assist staff in task/project management, and improves individual organization.

Complete Office Assessment A comprehensive assessment of the office’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying and developing corrective strategies and action plans for problem areas.

End-of-Year Review A facilitated discussion to review the office’s successes and disappointments over the past year, the critical factors involved, and how to implement changes based upon this analysis.

Team Building This one-day program can strengthen weak working relationships, and even repair damaged ones, in order to improve an office's ability to work more harmoniously toward achieving the Member's goals. This program will focus on how to increase your office productivity, while creating a team environment that will encourage and reinforce success.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ Using the well-known Myers-Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI)™, this analysis increases understanding of staff work styles and personal strengths to improve work relationships between staff.

Executive Coaching for Performance Provides confidential feedback that Members or senior staffers need to develop as leaders or managers, or to address staffers who must change their behavior.

Leadership Coaching using The Leadership Circle Profile™ (TLCP) Combined with a six-month coaching relationship, this program will enable your leader(s) to identify their strengths and weakness and engage in targeted development activities that will help maximize their performance and potential.

The Leadership Circle Culture Survey™ (TLCS) This survey measures how the leadership culture within your office compares to that of other organizations and creates a very compelling rational for change. It fits seamlessly with The Leadership Circle Profile because it is built from the same framework as TCLP.

The Leadership Circle Profile, Workshops, and Culture Survey were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle™  

Free Management Q&A Line CMF provides free management advice on a wide range of congressional management questions to all Members and congressional staff. Please contact us at 202-546-0100 or through our Web form with your inquiries.




Now in its 13th edition, Setting Course is a comprehensive guide to managing a congressional office:

  • Part I is for new Members, focusing on setting up an office. 
  • Part II helps Members themselves define their role in the office and in Congress. 
  • Part III provides guidance to veteran and freshman offices on managing specific office operations.