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District and State Offices


Keeping It Local: A Guide for Managing Congressional District & State Offices — CMF's results-driven manual that provides guidance specifically designed to help offices create an equal partnership between the district/state and DC offices and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of district/state operations.

Keeping It Local chapter summaries (Dos and Don'ts):


House District Staff Training — CMF, under contract with the CAO, is offering a series of webinars for House district/state staff. These programs are open to all House district/state staff and interns, though programs are geared toward specific job positions or office functions. More information is included in the individual course descriptions.

District/State Director Training — In collaboration with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), CMF offered a series of webinars for House and Senate District and State Directors in 2011 based on our guidebook, Keeping It Local.

Additional Resources

The handouts below are offered to district/state staff for their adaptation to their office's specific needs, systems, and policies.

 Sample Constituent Services Manual (1.4 Mb) — This guide, developed over several years by former U.S. Rep. Cass Ballenger (NC) and his staff, is an excellent reference tool for district and state staff. It covers the major casework categories and provides helpful advice on dealing with constituents and solving their problems. Note: CMF did not create and is not responsible for the content or timeliness of this manual. The manual was updated in January 2005 and is only available in PDF.

doc Sample Casework Manual (744 Kb) — This guide is based on Rep. Ballenger's manual, recreated in Word and adapted for their office by the staff of Rep. Marlin Stutzman (IN). Note: CMF did not create and is not responsible for the content or timeliness of this manual.

doc Quick Guide for Casework (40 Kb) — This two-page summary is also from the office of Rep. Marlin Stutzman (IN), and intended to serve as a quick reference guide to casework. Note: CMF did not create and is not responsible for the content or timeliness of this manual.

 Comprehensive Planning Checklist (30 Kb) — Determining the answers to this list of questions, compiled from district/state staff, can prevent last minute glitches by helping craft a comprehensive event action plan, which could then be used as a template for future events. Excerpted from CMF's Keeping It Local.

 Sample Event Scheduling Form (27 Kb) — This form can be used for managing and tracking event requests. Excerpted from CMF's Keeping It Local.




Now in its 13th edition, Setting Course is a comprehensive guide to managing a congressional office:

  • Part I is for new Members, focusing on setting up an office. 
  • Part II helps Members themselves define their role in the office and in Congress. 
  • Part III provides guidance to veteran and freshman offices on managing specific office operations.