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Staff Training Programs

CMF offers a range of professional development opportunities for House staff.  To view scheduled courses by month, please visit our Events Calendar.

Senate Legislative Director Training

CMF has developed a four part training series specifically and exclusively for Legislative Directors in the Senate to assist in your professional development.

House New Member Training

CMF will also offer a four part training series for senior managers of 1st and 2nd term House offices. These 60-90 minute, heavily-interactive programs focus on professional development and office management needs.

House Chief of Staff Training

CMF offers a popular series of free management training programs throughout the year for House Chiefs of Staff and Staff Directors.

House Legislative Director Training

CMF also offers a series of free management programs for House LDs. Programs are geared to and focus on how to be productive and effective in your current role while developing skills in preparation for the next step in your career.

House District/State Staff Training

Under contract with the CAO, CMF is offering a series of webinars for House district staff geared toward specific job positions or office functions.

Effective Constituent Correspondence, Beginner

This course is for House staff who are new to writing constituent mail and need to know the basics. Courses are offered periodically throughout the year.

Effective Constituent Correspondence, Advanced

This course is for House staff who currently write and/or manage constituent mail and want to improve their writing and lessen the administrative burden of correspondence. Courses are offered periodically throughout the year.