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Job Descriptions: House Office Sample

Sample Job Descriptions

The following job descriptions were provided by a retired Member of Congress. These are samples only, and should be modified to suit your office's needs.

Washington, DC Positions

Chief of Staff: Top staff person responsible for overall office functions; oversees staff and budget; advises Member on political matters; responsible for hiring, promoting, and terminating staff; establishes office policies and procedures.

Executive Assistant/Scheduler: Manages Member’s schedule; reviews and researches invitations; handles Member’s personal files, correspondence, and travel arrangements.

Legislative Assistant (General): Handles issues outside the Member’s priority areas; briefs Member on votes and hearings; staffs Member at hearings; meets with constituents; answers constituent mail; prepares speeches and record statements.

Legislative Assistant (Priority): Same duties as General Issues LA, but handles Member’s priority issues (committee, district or mission related); develops legislation and strategies for legislative priorities; staffs Member at mark-ups and hearings.

Legislative Correspondent: Researches and writes legislative correspondence; conducts legislative research; assists Legislative Assistants as needed.

Legislative Director: Establishes legislative agenda; directs legislative staff; serves as resource person for LAs; briefs Member on all legislative matters; reviews constituent mail.

Office Manager: Assists Chief of Staff in managing office functions, complying with CAA and ethics policies, and financial disclosure reporting; maintains office equipment, furniture, supplies, and filing systems; manages office accounts.

Press Secretary: Manages all communications with the media; speaks with reporters; prepares Member for interviews; drafts press releases, newspaper columns, and speeches.

Staff Assistant/Receptionist: Handles word processing, filing, faxing; responds to general constituent requests; processes tour and flag requests; staffs the front reception area, greets visitors and answers telephones.

Systems Administrator/ Mail Manager: Manages all computer hardware and software systems used by office; maintains office Web site, Internet and Intranet systems; acts as liaison with vendors and HIR; answers staff’s computer questions; manages constituent mail processing.


District Positions

Constituent Services Representative: Handles constituent casework; meets with constituents; contacts agencies and researches cases; notifies constituents of case resolution.

District Scheduler: Handles scheduling for Member in district; makes appointments for Member; responds to invitations.

District Director: Manages overall district operation and work flow; responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and managing district staff; represents Member at events; monitors district issues and politics, conducts staff outreach.

District Staff Assistant: Handles word processing, filing, faxing; responds to general constituent request; staffs the front reception area, greets visitors and answers telephones.

Field Representative: Works under the direction of the District Director; represents Member at meetings and events; helps shape Member’s district schedule; accompanies Member to functions; conducts staff outreach.

Grants/Projects Coordinator: Assists in obtaining federal and private funding for constituents; addresses needs of local governments, private and civic organizations and other constituents.