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Constituent Services: 8 Resources for Grantseekers

Congressional offices field calls from constituents seeking grants and support all of the time. When your office is on the receiving end of such requests, you might want to point them to the legislative support pages of the Foundation Center’s website.  Many congressional offices have even added the Foundation Center website to their Member’s website under the Constituent Services tab.

Listed below are some of the resources the site supports that your office may find of use:

1. Ask the Foundation Center
The Foundation Center Online Librarian can answer questions at no charge about grantmakers, philanthropy, fundraising, and nonprofits. The Online Librarian will respond to requests for information and give advice on the best use of Foundation Center resources to conduct research. You can use the “Ask Us!” service to engage with  Foundation Center experts.

2. Cooperating Collections
Cooperating Collections are  networks of information centers that provide the underserved populations across the U.S. and around the world with free access to the Foundation Center’s electronic and print publications, as well as fundraising research guidance and resources for grantseekers. These information centers equip you with anywhere from databases and directories to educational sessions and webinars to ensure that grantseekers have access to the resources they need to sustain an effective organization.

3. Training Opportunities and Online Programs
GrantSpace, a free program provided by the Foundation Center, is a learning community where grantseekers can receive online training via FAQs, sample documents, podcasts, and more. GrantSpace is designed to meet the needs of nonprofits seeking advice on how to fund and operate their organizations.

5. Speakers
Foundation Center staff are available to present during training sessions that you organize for your nonprofit or Congressional staff.

6. Fact Finder
You can use the Foundation Center’s Fact Finder to look up information on U.S. grantmaking organizations, and 990s for nonprofits and private organizations across the U.S. You can also chart and compare financial information for the 20,000 largest foundations.

7. Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base is a database of answers to questions on funding research, nonprofit management, and individual grantseeking.

8. Foundation Grants to Individuals Online
Foundation Grants to Individuals Online is a Foundation Center service that allows individuals to find scholarships, fellowships, and awards by searching a database of nearly 10,000 foundations.



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