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They’re Baaaack! 111th Congress Gold Mouse Awards Announced

After much eager anticipation and nervous worry from congressional offices, CMF — through its Partnership For A More Perfect Union — today announced the best Web sites on Capitol Hill.

All congressional Web sites that earned an "A" in our evaluations received a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Mouse Award. And for the first time ever, we bestowed the sleek and smart Platinum Mouse Award to the #1 site in each category! So,how are congressional Web sites doing? The down and dirty is that the good Web sites are getting better and the bad are getting worse.

Hungry for more details? Follow the links to:

 Project Overview 739.64 Kb – The 111th Congress Gold Mouse Project in a nutshell

 Award Winners 268.47 Kb – See which Members are excelling in their use of the Web

 Key Findings 734.10 Kb – Republicans vs. Democrats, House vs. Senate, and other good stuff

 Brief Methodology 415.60 Kb – How we did it

 Detailed Methodology 392.96 Kb – The complete methodology in all its gory details