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House Legislative Director Training Programs

Program Overview

CMF has developed a free training series specifically and exclusively for Legislative Directors to assist in your professional development.

Programs are geared to and focus on how to be productive and effective in your current role while developing skills in preparation for the next step in your career.

If you are an LD and would like to submit a suggestion for a training topic or be added to CMF's LD email list, please contact us through our Web form or via email at rsvp(at)congressfoundation(dot)org.

2014 Events

** Program dates and topics are subject to change **

03/21/14 - To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth about Motivating Others, with special guest Daniel Pink

06/06/14 - Unshackle Your Office: Channel Your Strengths and Those of Your Team

08/04/14 - Getting Better Performance from Staff through a Performance Management/Review System (webinar)

08/11/14 - Getting Better Performance from Staff through a Performance Management/Review System (webinar)

09/02/14 - Managing Stress in Challenging Times

Past Programs

08/05/13 - Personal Efficiency Program: Time and Paper Management

04/08/13 - Leadership Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others

08/16/12 - Making the Most of Networking Events and Yor Network

06/12/12 - Managing Across Generations: The Unique Challenges of the Millennial Generation

03/23/12 - Start Innovating! How to Create an Office Culture of Innovation, Creativity and New Thinking

10/18/11 - Managing the Boss

06/30/11 - Managing Stress

05/19/11 - Time & Paper Management

04/27/11 - The Power of Story Telling

12/10/10 - Access and Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

07/12/10 - Discover and Leverage Your Strengths

05/14/10 - Collaborative Leadership: Take Your Leg Meeting to the Next Level

03/08/10 - Effective Decision Making

More Info

To attend one of our programs, please RSVP to CMF at (202) 546-0100 or at RSVP(at)congressfoundation(dot)org. Note: unless otherwise stated in the training announcement, all programs are open to Legislative Directors only.