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Inside the Hill

thumb-inside-the-hill The Partnership's “Inside the Hill” is a video series that allows you to hear directly from Members and staff on how technology is changing the way Congress works. It is produced by Fleishman-Hillard.

112th Congress Gold Mouse Award Winners

Award-winning Members of Congress and staff discuss why it's essential to communicate with constituents online.

History of the Gold Mouse Awards

A look back at how and why CMF created the Gold Mouse Awards. Also featured: Rep. Mike Honda, the only six-time Mouse Award winner.

Who Handles Online Communications

Congressional staff and Congressman Honda discuss how they use and manage online communications.

Congressional Staff Read Everything

Congressional staff discuss how the Internet has affected the ways congressional offices get their news.

The Power of Online Video

Congressional staff discuss how online video can help connect citizens and Members of Congress.

How the Public is Heard

Members of Congress and congressional staff discuss how citizens’ voices are heard on Capitol Hill.

How and Why Does Congress Use Twitter

Congressional staff discuss the different uses and advantages of Twitter.

What Makes an Award Winning Website

Congressional staff discuss what it takes to create and maintain an effective and useful website.

Congress and New Media: The World Has Changed

Members of Congress and staff discuss how social media is changing the way Members can communicate with their constituents.