Building Trust & Effectiveness in Congress
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About CMF

Who We Are

Citizen trust in an effective and responsive Congress is essential to democracy. The Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) advances this goal by working directly with Members of Congress and staff to enhance their operations and interactions with constituents. CMF works directly with citizen groups to educate them on how Congress works, giving constituents a stronger voice in policy outcomes. The results are: a Congress more accountable, transparent, and effective; and an informed citizenry with greater trust in their democratic institutions.

What We Accomplish

CMF enhances the effectiveness of congressional offices, enabling them to provide better services for their constituents and create better policy outcomes for all Americans.

CMF promotes transparency and accountability in Congress, affording citizens data and tools to become more informed about decisions that affect them, their families, and communities.

CMF educates and motivates individuals to become active and informed citizen-advocates, providing them with an understanding of Congress, the skills to influence public policy, and the value of citizen engagement.

CMF enhances the public’s understanding of how the Congress really works, providing a window into our democratic institutions through its unique relationship with lawmakers and staff.

Quick Facts

More than 350 congressional offices participated in a CMF training program in 2011.

In 2012 CMF conducted 46 educational sessions with groups involving thousands of citizens.

Since CMF has been assessing congressional websites and urging more transparent practices, the percentage of Members of Congress who post their voting record online has doubled.

Since 2000, CMF has conducted more than 500 strategic planning or other consulting projects with Members of Congress and their staffs.

How We Do It

CMF conducts professional development training for all levels of congressional staff on office operations and management. These interactive sessions provide bipartisan "safe havens" on Capitol Hill where congressional staff come together to engage in problem-solving.

CMF provides research, training, and publications to citizens and groups that interact with Congress. CMF’s citizen-advocate trainings are conducted for citizens who participate in visits with Members of Congress organized by trade associations, nonprofits, and corporations.

CMF acts as the critic, defender, and explainer of Congress—demystifying congressional operations.  Its work has been cited in many media outlets including the Washington Post, the New York Times, USA Today, and major television networks.

CMF conducts primary research on Congress and provides best practices guidance on office operations. CMF’s most prominent research program—the Gold Mouse Awards for the best congressional websites—is responsible for significant improvements to the transparency and accountability in congressional offices.

CMF consults with individual House and Senate offices to strengthen their operations. This work entails spending weeks with a Member of Congress and staff, culminating in an intensive strategic planning session to help each office develop goals and plans to meet the needs of its constituents.